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Georgia wants to share these things with you:

Georgia Anne Muldrow has a romantic relationship to rhythm and she wants to share it with you; something this sweet cannot be kept a secret. Her learning experiences about rhythm with master percussionists have all been quite natural; learning to sing along with drumming is a traditional Afrikan method that translates to her electronic productivity today. This method aids in opening up the mind to hearing the rhythm of your surroundings and makes all the difference in the drums we design.
Georgia wants to share how her love of meditative awareness has increased her musical expression; stillness is ever the mate of activity and your personal development as a whole is the true reason she's offering this learning opportunity to you. Each month of the learning period you will get a one on one 45 minute mentorship session that is sure get  fun and real.
Fireflies with bionic arms whirring in the distance before the beat drops?
Oh yeah. 
Georgia wants to show you how to transform your beat folder into a zero waste environment! By employing her Mulch Method, you'll always have a sense of a living environment in your sound. 

Ms. Muldrow is a synth patch maven who dreams of a world where you will - respectfully - leave a preset better than you found it. She's gonna teach you some good old ADSR whispering skills. She shared a taste of Synth-Fu an interview with Jon Pareles for The New York Times:
For Muldrow, the parameters that control synthesizer tones -attack, decay, sustain and release offer lessons beyond the recording studio. "I'll make everything a metaphor," she said with a laugh. "The way we attack things shapes our lives, the way we hold on to things shapes our lives, the way we let go of things shapes our lives. That's what makes me dig deeper every time I make music."

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